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Do you feel inspired by the concept of these mental getaway resources (MGR)? Would you want to become one of those who start to change the world for a better future, and share some peace of mind for free and unconditionally?

Share your experience
Have you experienced those moments when life suddenly seems to open and present you deeper insight? These are the resources we want to share with fellow beings.

Share a picture and your story. Create worlds with smells, sounds, movements and touches, colors and shadows. Doing this gives the visitor of your little world a easy way to be sucked into the worlds only limited by imagination. These are the mental getaway resources.

Create a MGR:
Notice, when you find such a resource in your life. Wait. Listen. Smell. Hear. See. Feel... Take/paint a picture and write down words describing the various details of this little moment of local reality. Explore the representation systems: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactoric & Gustatoric perception and write downn everything that helps describe the very moment you experience.

Stuff the picture(s) and the story into a folder, ZIP-it, and send me the package along with a line or two about you (if you don't want me to go berserk in my imagination on who you could be).

Anyway. I feel free enough to accept or reject your work thankfully. Either way you hear from me. In case of a rejection, don't get mad. We discuss things and get a good solution.

Thank you for sharing your inspirational moments, and be proud to make the world a better place:

Yours truly.

And by the way... a collection of other photographic resources can be found [ here ].

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