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As soon as you stop walking, and you listen closely, crickets start sounding around you. Following the rhythm of the winds, you can somtimes hear sheep bells. The crickets and the bells find their complement in the form of a swallow swarm dancing and singing. And in between all these tunes and noises there is the powerful silence of the endless skies.

Sitting on the soft ground in the middle of the grass, being poked and tickled by some grass blades, you feel a bug crawling up your leg. To shake the leg, you grab the ground for stabilisation and feel the humid mixture of various plants. The wind is very light and is being warmed up from the sun-loaded fields around you.

The sun has warmed up the countless herbs growing here, and the mixture of their smells awakens good memory in you. The soft winds bring you additional scents from corn fields, and sometimes also the smell of a heard of sheep.


Ambient sound: