Bern from the roof top

see picture (duh!).

The winds softly whisper their stories into your ears, and the borderless silence of the open skies is only broken by a swarm of singing and jubilating swallows.

You still feel the snow in the gusts of fresh wind flowing around you. It feels like the snow has just molten away and you would not be surprised if some snow flakes would find their way to your unprotected neck. Meantime, the spring sun has already gained power and the sun rays warm up the right side of your face while the left cheeck remains in the shadow and feels cold. You feel the concret ground and wall and the cold metal railing.

The air brings up memories of past winter days when almost all scents have been frozen by the cold temperature, and your nose produced this special impression of not smelling anything. This scentlessness lies in the air and give it a very pure smell.

You notice the taste of the hot herbal tea, a mixture from sage, lavender and a tiny bit of cinnamon, which you had down in the basement's tea room.

Ambient sound: