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How to...

Ripe for a vacation, but no time left? Welcome to your personal mental 5-Minute vacation! Just follow the instructions:

  • Pick the panorama picture or a poster that suits your mood.

  • Once the black screen has loaded the picture, use the "grow" link to make the picture as big as your screen allows.

  • Then, lean back and look at the picture. Sometimes you can scroll around. Look closely and enjoy the nice views.

  • Next, you click the "vakog" link and read the texts. You get information the picture alone cannot transport: auditive, kinesthetic, olfactoriy and gustatory qualities of the depicted moment and place.

  • You will quickly start to like to combine these informations, with the picture, and to experience the picture with much more Intensity. And you are free to remain in the peaceful world that opened up as long as you like, and experience tranquility and wholeness as much as you want.

  • And when you leave the picture, you click the "home" link, and you arrive back at the picture selection page of You might notice that your emotional situation has improved. And this, as we know, changes our whole world...

What happens is what I call my personal mental 5-Minute vacation. It's not based on magic and voodoo, nor is it esoteric or spiritual (although spirituality has it's place in the pictures and your trips, and wanting to live a good life for the benefit of all certainly is a good thing). No, it's neurophysiology and applied neurodynamics at work. The method is taken from the Art of shaping the mental map - NLP (neuro linguistic programming). The rest is done by your brain...

It's doesn't even take 5 minutes to place yourself in a better world, without neglecting anything, but by opening up to see the beauty and the wonder of life on earth.

If you want to learn more about how you can view a picture in great depth and to its fullest extent, read on in the Galleria Punctum Saliens library:
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