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More often than not, the world seems to be a bad place to be. Each and every day we are exposed to a seemingly endlless stream of negative news. We become oppressed of shocking, rousing information about brutal and at times inconceivable evil action and we are physiologically saturated with pictures and sounds. Frequently these information of events lie that far outside of our rangeof physical influence, and we cannot help directly, except through financial donations. We are let alone with the sorrow and other emotions.

Because much less positive, constructive, loving information is being shared or pushed through the news feeds, our impression more or less slowly adapts to the seemingly fact: the world IS a bad place.

Each of our actions and motivations is directly and significantly influenced by the situational analysis our brain perform constantly. Isn't it amazing to understand this media-induced negative emotional day balance influences our own situation analysis very directly, and thus influencing our future thoughts and actions?

The simplest thing to change the human action, and thus also work on the fate of the world, is to change the daily situational analysis. We need more positive pictures of our world. The most simple method to influence human action, and therefore change the way the world is treated, is to change the brain's situational analysis. To achieve this, we need to spread more positive informations. Honest, positive views of our world. And the encouraging thing is: we don't need to fantasize! The world IS incredibly beautifull and rich. is an experiment. It's a collection of pictures combined with textual catalysators which allow you to easily enter the inner world of the pictures without drugs, magic or any other unpleasant force, just by the power of your own mind.

Pictures alone are powerful, but there are ways to unleash much more Intensity: make the picture as large as possible, read the VAKOG texts and listen to the sound snippet. Breathe deeply suddenly you find yourself in the middle of these beautiful places.

Thus, offers sort of a mental 5-minutes vacation with lasting effect, but the freely accessible pictures might also be understood as a counter pole to the negative information-shower.

Driftingaway. org is one of these places in the internet, that dedicate itself to the beauty of the world.

If you want, you can help me change the world by spreading word about these peace-makers. The more people actually start to enjoy such a 5-minute retreat instead of cultivating anger and stress all day, the better and more peaceful the world will be. Step by step.


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